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Pedro Lasch, Kirsten Forkert, and I (performing as 16 Beaver Group) will be having a conversation alongside Abigail Satinsky of InCUBATE (Chicago) at Ceci n’est pas une CAA. This is happening Friday and Saturday, February 27-28, and organized by The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest with/at Public School.  We’ll be there Saturday at 3PM.  Some very good folks involved, we’re excited to be in dialogue with them West Coast-style.  Their description:

The Public School is hosting its own conference with many of the same amazing people who are visiting Los Angeles for CAA. Ours will be free; it will be modeled as a long, open, informal conversation, occasionally interrupted by screenings and short presentations; and it will encourage as much overlap, cross-pollination, and running over time as possible. Drop in and drop out when you can – the following schedule is a guide to what might be happening.

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Ceci n’est pas une CAA at Public School, Los Angeles | 2009 | news