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Recent Political Videos Selected by Benj Gerdes


A screening of Strike Anywhere turned into a request for me to present a selection of works by comrades and colleagues. The program includes our project plus work by Michelle Dizon and Jesal Kapadia, all screening in Denmark for the first time. I will “attend” and lead a discussion via Skype.

Event Description: How might renewed focus on the past lead us toward new understandings of social and political possibilities in the present? How do artistic research and strategies of re-approaching history through media––documentation, commentary, & juxtaposition––produce alternate forms of experience and analysis that connect seemingly disparate geographic contexts and timeframes? These practices address the role of the nation-state, citizenship, and economic expansion within overlapping transnational trajectories of repression, colonialism, and cultural imperialism. Three videos, three distinct attempts to unearth the past in light of the present, four artists living in the United States but often working and looking elsewhere.

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“Made in and out of USA” Screening at Koh-i-Noor, Copenhagen, May 13 | 2010 | news