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Populus Tremula will screen at the Centre Pompidou on a program also featuring work by Dmity Gutov, Oliver Ressler, and Tania Brugera. This event is part of the large and ambitious series of screenings and symposia Que faire? Art/Film/Politics curated by le peuple qui manque (Kantuta QuirĂ³s & Aliocha Imhoff).

Event description: From the 11th to the 19th of December 2010, the curatorial platform, le peuple qui manque, in association with the Film department of the Centre Pompidou, proposes a series of encounters entitled “Que faire? What is to be done? art/film/politics”. These encounters offer an overview of the new critical strategies currently emerging within the international artistic field, and principally within contemporary film production, with a focus on the relationship between art and politics.

Read more at the event website (in French, click on link at upper right of their page for English).

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What is to be done? Art/Film/Politics at Centre Pompidou, Paris, December 18 | 2010 | news