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The program “Sound Politics” aired on February 10, 2015 as a commission from Hökarängen, Stockholm’s Konsthall C as part of the final month of a two year program of radio broadcasts under the project name centrifug radio populär, for two years broadcast every Tuesday from 1-3PM on Stockholm community radio 95.3 Mhz and streamed live online.


The program I assembled is a re-editing of audio field recordings and commercially released recordings I had collected, and in collaboration with Brooklyn, NY’s Interference Archive, a number of related recordings of political songs drawn from their holdings (and primarily made in the U.S.) that I felt were not well known. The politics in this one are a bit of a muddle, and that was my intent–to rub a bunch of issues, contexts, and moments up against one another and see if anything stuck. Given that the program was also ending shortly, when asked to include jingles and station IDs I decided to write and perform (on piano and voice) my own theme song as a gift of sorts to such a generous radio project.

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